Monday, June 16, 2008


The summer has always been the worst time of the year for me, I have problems year around, but during the summers my allergies always seem to cause an Asthma flare up for me.

I started feeling like crap on Saturday, lost my voice and then started to wheeze at night. I had already set up an appointment with my doctor on Friday, the appt was for another reason. But it all worked out well.

She took me off my Benadryl, which was doing nothing more than causing mental confusion and turning me into a Zombie, so she put me back on Singulair and I am actually feeling better already. I just hope I can finally get a good nights sleep tonight. I have to go to Giant Eagle sometime tomorrow and get the rest of my prescriptions filled, I didn't have the energy to drive way out there today, so I figured one more day would not kill me.

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