Sunday, June 29, 2008

ATV Accident

A week ago today, my 25 year old son Matt, he wrecked his ATV. He belongs to a local ATV group, thank god for that much as least. He told me his front wheel caught on a tree stump he didn't see and it flipped him over, so he hit a tree with the right side of his body. He was lucky to end up with only brush burns, but it extended the whole length of his arm and the cuts where deep.

I told him to report off work on Monday and go see the Chiropractor and get adjusted, I figured he probably hurt his back, as well as his neck. So Monday, when he woke up, I could tell right away that his neck was hurting him.

As the day progressed on, he started to feel really bad, I ended up taking him to the emergency room, they took X-rays of his arm, neck and back and said that he was lucky that he didn't get hurt worse than what he did. And they gave him a Tetanus shot and he got a lecture from the doctor as well as me about ATV safety.

He has been riding now for a good number of years, but he still worries me when I know they are going for one of their all day rides. And I have tried to pound the fact into his head since he was a teen, that there is always safety in numbers, and to never ride alone.


Original GRITS said...

My husband and I ride ATV's, too, and we never go alone. He drives and I ride behind him but he has been sure to make sure that I know how to drive it and drive it well in case something were to happen so I could get us out of the woods as well as he...we always keep safety first.

I'm thankful your son wasn't hurt any worse than he was and I hope he feels better soon!

Leigh said...

I'm so happy he's OK! Those teenagers sure have a way of scaring us stupid, don't they!

Breezie said...

@original grits, I have rode it up and down the drive way, but thats as far as I will venture on

@leigh, he worries me sick as times, but I guess its all just part of being a parent. I can remember my mom and how she worried about me.

Regina said...

Wow, I'm glad that things weren't worse. I pray that he mends nicely. My son thinks his middle name is "Adventure Mishaps", I'm glad we are not in an ATV area!!