Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Much better

I am starting to feel much much better now, my wheezing has backed off a great deal. And since I am off the Benadryl, my mental clarity has cleared up as well.

I have to go see the Chiropractor today at Noon, I have pain going down my left leg and into the bottom of my left foot. Last week it was my hip that was giving me problems, he adjusted me for that and it got rid of the pain in my hip by the next day. But then a few days ago I started to feel it moving into my foot now.

I don't get any days at all anymore where I am completely pain free, I have learned over the past few years, that on the days where my pain levels are high, that is just best for me to not do anything more than what I really have to do, even my Chiropractor tells me to go home and take it easy on those days.

But none the less, I am happy that my allergy symptoms are backing down.

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