Wednesday, June 18, 2008

RIP - Thehangout2

Every year I have problems with my host for aka: SneezieBreezie. And this year has been no different. I did one of those deals years ago where for a certain price they set up the domain and the hosting, this was a HUGE MISTAKE on my part, because the host who is, they have turned out to be the worst service out there. Frequent down time has been a never ending problem, and each and every year, they forget to renew my domain. So the domain expired at the end of May, does not respond to emails or tickets and the domain registar who is cheap domains, well they will do nothing to help me.

So, in view off all of these events, I am going to try and revive this site here, and then see if I can get it into PPP as well as SocialSpark when the time comes.

I have registered the and figured I might as well put it to use as well.

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