Friday, June 20, 2008

Soda Pop and High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, and you are a soda pop drinker, you might want to really think twice about drinking any type of soda pop, even the diet types are very high in sodium.

A few year ago, I started to have problems with my BP, so I gave up any type of Soda pop and my BP dropped down to an acceptable range, but I still had to take a water pill to keep it there.

I drink Green Tea most of the time, its just better for me the whole way around and it doesn't give my BP an added boost that it doesn't need.

About a week ago, we had ran out of the green tea, and I had a few bottles of Diet CF Coke here, so I drank them and my BP went nuts on me again, it shot right back up to 147/96, and I knew without a doubt that it was because of the darn Diet Coke.

I am drinking my green tea again and my BP has dropped back down to 135/81, which is about a normal range for me.


Penny said...

I always have super low blood pressure. Whenever I go to the dr's the nurses always seems so worried about my BP til they check my chart. It kinda sucks though 'cause I get dizzy easily!

Guy Vestal said...

Stopped by for a drop. Nice blog, stumbled & tagged. :-)

Breezie said...

@penny, low pressure is no picnic either.

@guy vestal...thx guy, much appreciated.

Penny said...

I'm sorry about your mother. My mom just died this past Feb. We didn't know she was sick at all, it was rather sudden. She was only 48. I'm trying to quit smoking though.

Breezie said...

@penny, its been 15 years now since I lost my mother, her ordeal all started out with breast cancer when she was in her early 60's, it then went into lung cancer, as well as bone cancer later on. It does get easier with time. And I am happy to hear that you are trying to quit smoking, I can only imagine how hard that has to be.

Laura said...

That is so true...But I recently had to stop my BP medicine being my BP was 92 over 52, and I was only taking half....and drinking a soda a day.

I had massive heart attack and died at the age of 44...only reason I am here is I went to er..where they watched me for 2 hrs and 45 min..they were going to send me home calling it a panic attack...well I died at 9:15 AM I had 100% blockage...I think from Remicade Infusions.