Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Traffic - what works for you?

I have been a member of Entrecard for awhile now, but my major complaint is the lack of reciprocal droppers. I have tried various blog rolls and other stuff from the entrecard members, but I have found that you are lucky to get 3 out of 10 drops returned.

I have found that the time that I spend surfing a few traffic exchange's, has been a much better return on my investment, I have my own traffic exchange at and I strickly surf that network of exchanges.

I just signed up at Spottt 2 days ago, and I am not all that impressed with it, not so much as one click to my site has come through yet. But I will try it for a week and then I will dump it, thats if it doesn't produce and traffic for me.

What are some of your ways to get a good flow of traffic to your blog or blogs?


Gattina said...

I did like you I subscribed to all kind of "traffic" providing companies. But that doesn't help. To get known you need to be part of a group, like Photo Hunters, or Wordless Wednedays look on the blogs and see in what groups people are participating and then comment and you will get comments in return. That's the only way it works.

Breezie said...

@gattina, I think it all depends on what type of traffic you really want as well.

Entrecard, as well as the traffic exchanages, they mostly just produce hit and run traffic, not to many will stop to read, let alone leave a comment.

For me, I do paid blogging with both PayPerPost, as well as SocialSpark, so I am not really to fussy about my traffic, I just need the numbers to keep my RealRank score at its

But like most bloggers, I like the comments as well, it shows that people are at least taking the time to stop and read.

I don't comment as much as what I should, but I do have a few blogs that I frequent on a regular basis, such as yours and its always nice to take the time to let the blog owner know I was there and enjoyed their post.

Nemo at said...

Hi there!
I only recently signed up on EntreCard too and I am quite happy with it. Try this:
It's an initiative to let people know you follow their drops and you will be on their list of ppl who return the favor.
Also as Gattina said, if you join in on some memes (go here to choose the ones you are interested in: These drive a lot of traffic to your blog and the people actually read and comment. They are "real" readers because they are coming for a specific thing you have in common.
Another great way to drive traffic to your site is Flickr, if you take a lot of photos, upload them on flickr and submit them to groups, these are your targeted audience, they are more than willing to come read your blog about the photos you put up on flickr. I get a lot of traffic from my photos.
Hope that helps!

Specialty writing said...

Hi Breezie. I just discovered your blog through Entrecard. I do try to leave comments if I can think of anything to say. As for traffic, has worked best for me. They have sent me 99 to 250 visitors for many of my posts. Sometimes, I think the time of submission affects what kind of response you get.

Mystery Man said...

Hi! I just recently jpined entrecard last week, and have been content with the traffic increase, but it would be nice to et some more comments. i find it rude to go read someone's blog and not comment. what's the point of even looking, y'know? just my opinion. sadly, not many people see things that way. nice blog. i'll be coming back soon!