Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall is in the Air

Sept 22 is the 1st day of Autumn, it seems like it was just yesterday and I was watching the tree's come back to life. Didn't do anything spectacular this summer, not even so much as a small vacation was to be had. But I still enjoyed the summer, none the less.

We lost our 11 year old Coonhound named Bear, he went to Rainbow Bridge on August 15, he fought almost a year long battle with Renal failure. He started to experience seizures in early August, we put him down on the 15th. And the house is so lonely without him being here, but its still nice knowing that he is not suffering anymore.

Now we have the task at hand of getting the chicken yard ready for the upcoming winter, which means making sure that the hen houses are in good shape, replacing a few roofs here and there and replacing some wire on a few of the older pens, winters are hard on the hen house's, we get around 5 good years and then things need to be fixed or replaced.

I enjoy the fact that winter means our day ends much early. I don't do much work in the chicken yard at all anymore. My back just won't take it, but I still try to feed the chickens that are close to the house, and they watch for me every evening and they come running for their nightly hand out of bread. And then they are off to roost for the night.

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